About us

Thoughts, creativity and effort of Iranian students integrating with 30 years of experience and targeting in production and entrepreneurial in the field of Industrial and construction tools, created Tanser brand. Nonstop working of smart Iranian youth through the realizing of glorious ideas lead to actualize Tanser family mixing reasonable price, good quality appropriate for Iranian artisans and builders, availability and customer services has resulted this national production.
Tanser targeting for creation a pioneer production unit in area of producing Tools box, Chisel Scraper, Silicone Gun, has been achieved by using modern
technologies, precise scientific studies and attention to all fundamental and creative ideas.
Accuracy in human factors (ergonomics) and studying about tools, devices, working environments and professions and attention to physical and intellectual abilities, limitations and people interests and also requirements of quality management certificate ISO 9001-2008 provides this possibility for users to have quality, timely delivery and consistency in policies and services as the backup of their purchases.
Tanser by supplying a part of artisans and builders requirements intends to deliver the best. Thus in this way Tanser welcomes to cooperators and colleagues to develop this well-known Iranian brand.
This production unit owns a perspective in order to manufacture tools and fittings and develop the national industry.